IPL – Cheerleading system and its flaws..(that come to my mind)

There was one thing that always bothered me about #ipl .No… it isn’t the small grounds, commercialisation of cricket, auctions, gold coloured printing on literally every team’s Jersey, the match-fixing or the booting out of the Kochi Tuskers­čśö.. It’s actually something that’s made its way into Cricket recently and has been part of The IPL legacy since its inception.. CHEERLEADING!

There has and will always be a strong disagreement from the more conservative sections of the Indian society.. who just honestly wanna watch cricket and not something like such scantily-clad cheerleaders.

Sure the whole ordeal is a means of employment for these girls…But therein lies several reasons that lead us to ask…”Just..Why? WHY?”

FIRSTLY, the whole system just labels these girls as some sort of sex symbols..For us Indians it was something new.. and so it was easy for the marketing masterminds behind The IPL to take advantage of the testosterone-charged average Indian man’s lust and trigger his amygdala to invoke an interest in him..And when the character of people in the India is already known, then the fact that many of the cheerleaders have been subject to vulgar remarks should not come as a surprise.

SECONDLY, now for those of us who watch football…We are all well aware of the “Say NO to racism” tagline .. well indirectly the cheerleaders of IPL or rather the people who chose them , have contributed to it..From what few IPL matches i watch..I’ve noticed that there isn’t really a single BLACK cheerleader..It just shows how narrow minded these people are..To decide the worth of someone based on the colour of their skin… And perhaps it just shows how much of a low-life the average Indian guy is.. Because without a doubt no one would choose a black(foreign) girl over a white blonde one…

THIRDLY, excuse me! But isn’t this the INDIAN premier league..? Then why not have INDIAN GIRLS? Again ..Shows that we Indians only think that anything and everything that is having a Western tag attached is superior..

No…I don’t think the list ends here… I’m sure if some of you think about it..U can see why the current system of cheerleading is not moral..
But I doubt anyone would have the patience to read on further had I opted to write more..

As for me personally…I first saw cheerleading in cricket in the 2007 T20 world cup in Africa….But I was fascinated back then…Not because there were girls dancing..But because it wasn’t a truly monopolistic job .. the dancers there included males and females , both blacks and whites and they all wore tank tops and trousers with dancing shoes..And that truly was fun to watch…But I guess the market geniuses at IPL didn’t think that Indian girls (&/ guys ) dancing to the tune of ‘Sheela ki Jawani’ would sell due to an excess of melanin…